Legal Newsletter - April 2023 issue

“Nodia, Urumashvili and Partners” is glad to share its quarterly Legal Newsletter.
 April 2023 issue covers the following topics:
Amendments to the Law of Georgia "On Organizing Lotteries, Games of Chance and other Prize Games"
•    Law of Georgia "On Mortgage Covered Bonds"
•    Amendments to the Law of Georgia "On Activities of Commercial Banks"
•    Amendments to the Organic Law "On the National Bank of Georgia"
•    Law "On the Activities of Micro Banks" has come into force
•    Introduction of the Common Reporting Standard - CRS MCAA
•    Amendments to the Labor Legislation
•    Amendments to the Law of Georgia "On the Conflict of Interest and Corruption in Public Institutions"
•    Amendments the Law "On Copyright and Related Rights"
•    Decision of the Constitutional Court of Georgia
•    Amendments to the Law of Georgia "On Medicines and Pharmaceutical Activities" 

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