Manufacturing, Agriculture & Retail


We provide full legal support including, among others, in the following fields:

  • Commercial, Corporate and M&A
  • Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Construction
  • Employment and Intellectual Property
  • Restructuring and Insolvency
  • Tax
  • Dispute Resolution


  • Food: We are experienced in providing full legal support to the clients in the food industry.  We served as a general external counsel for a Georgian cheese production company financed by an Austrian Investor, including among others advising on corporate, commercial, employment, tax, and real estate matters, as well as representation in the disputes. We also serve as an external tax advisor for one of the leading Georgian dairy production company. We assisted a Georgian food production company in the restructuring of the loan with the leading Georgian bank, as well as assisted this company in the insolvency proceedings followed by a rehabilitation.
  • Beverages: Highlights include advising wine, beer and soft drinks production companies on tax matters and representing a beer production company in a high-profile dispute.
  • Tobacco: We have advised major player in the tobacco industry on various legal matters and delivered legal opinions on general commercial law and IP law matters.   
  • Supermarkets: We serve as a general external counsel for the major supermarket chain and regularly advise on general commercial, corporate, real estate, finance and tax matters. We assisted the client in the successful rescue of business in insolvency. We also represented the client during the insolvency litigation, assisted in the drafting and negotiation of the restructuring plan and assisted in negotiations with the creditor.
  • Clothing: We are experienced in advising the companies in the clothing industry. Highlights include advising a large clothing store chain on general commercial and corporate matters, including drafting the standard employment agreements and preparing internal regulations of the company.
  • Manufacturing: We served as a general external counsel for one of the leading manufacturer of doors and windows in Georgia, including advising on general commercial, corporate, employment, real estate, financing, and tax matters, as well as representation in high-profile disputes.
  • Greenhouse: We have advised on tax matters, including, among others, in connection with the funding of the major Greenhouse project in Georgia.
  • Farms: We have advised on farm construction. We have advised the employer on contract termination and assisted in negotiating the settlement with the contractor.